Exploring Tourism in Greece
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Greece Popular Places to Visit


The Island of Rhodes, located off of the southwestern coast of Turkey is one of the Greek Islands’ most visited spots. Rhodes caters to all tastes, from backpackers to the rich and famous, all drawn to this teardrop in the Aegean.

Boasting some of the best swimming spots in Greece, Rhodes has the perfect mix of quaint towns, pristine beaches and archaic history. Whether you want to party the night away in Faliraki or relax in luxury at one of the many 5 star hotels, Rhodes covers every angle.

Rhodes, Greece


One of the must-visit places in Greece, Peloponnese is a destination that is shaped like a large mulberry leaf. Sitting in the southernmost region of Greece, this destination does not fail to inspire awe by virtue of the Classical Greek temples and fortresses that cover its floors. Peloponnese reeks of ancient cultures and an extremely rich history which makes it paradisiacal for all the history buffs out there. The deeply rooted history of Greek is known worldwide and one can see its hints hidden in the timeless ruins standing on this land.

Don’t miss to Explore ruins of Olympia where first Olympic Gamers were held in honor of Zeus. Stroll around the Mycenaean Palaces. Pay homage in the Byzantine churches and also, explore the classical Greek temples.

Peloponnese, Greece


One of the top places to visit in Greece, Naxos is the biggest and the greenest island sitting on the floors of Greece. Nothing less than heaven on earth for all the nature lovers, Naxos is a land of highest mountains, velvety valleys, lush green gorges, ancient villages, and the most stunning seascapes one has ever seen. The stone-paved valleys and the gorgeous architecture of the Cycladic and Medieval architecture is simply the stunning addition to this already charming spot.

Don’t miss to Exploring the Archeological Museum housed in the Venetian Period. Witness the varied landscapes of the various routes such as Skado-Apollonas. Also. climb the top of Zas Mountain and stroll around the traditional villages. Be a part of various cultural events that take place in Naxos along with witnessing the impressive marble gate at the entrance.

Naxos, Greece

Cape Sounion

Famed for its temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion is an eminent spot in Greece as it has ruins of the temple of the Greek Sea God, Poseidon. A spectacular site for those who would like to relive Homer’s Odyssey, Cape Sounion is a perfect destination for all history buffs as well as Greek literature lovers.

Cape Sounion, Greece


It is the Ionian’s largest island and is popular for its beautiful beaches and vibrant forests. This is one of the best places to get some wine tasting going on as local families over here have traditions of winemaking. But in some of these winemaking places, you will get to see more than that as some places host music events or film screenings during the summers as well.

Don’t miss the SeaΝema Open Air Film Festival, the wine tastings, the Sarastro Festival which is a yearly event organized for electronic and indie music fans.

Kefalonia Island, Greece


This area falls in the region of Epirus and is a jewel in the Aegean crown. A mountainous place, this is a favorite winter vacation spot and its incredible natural beauty has made it a popular place for foreign visitors during the summers as well. Zagori comes with well-marked routes which pass through vibrant forests, stone bridges, streams, rivers, deep gorges, monasteries, and more than 45 villages. 

All of this spans hundreds of kilometers and so Zagori is really a hikers paradise. There are lots of activities for the adventurous hearts and the routes are used for the summer Zagori Mountain Running event, mountaineers take on the challenge to climb up the alpine Drakolimni Lake or to one of its peaks. The rivers of Zagori allow for plentiful options to engage in canoeing or rafting.

Zagori is for the nature lovers and for people who live life with thrill. There’s everything from hiking to mountaineering and rafting to just straight up plunging into the waters which can be done.

Epirus, Greece


Situated right on the western coast of Greece and surrounded by the Ionian, Parga is a mainland destination but with its own island feel. The town is a vision to behold with picturesque narrow streets which lead to Parga’s castle and offer amazing views over the beautiful bay. There are beautiful long sandy beaches which will allow you to enjoy shimmering quiet empty stretches of sand. You can spread your beach towel in here and go for a dip into the sea.

For those interested in archeological adventures, Parga is actually close to many archeological sites which include the temple of necromancy situated right next to the mighty Acherontas river (linked to the underworld in the classical age). Spring is a great time to head here because it will allow one to enjoy the clear water flowing through a lush forest and you can enjoy rafting or boating.

Don’t miss to see the historical sites like the temple of necromancy, it’s beautiful flowing rivers and forests where you can undertake rafting and hiking is a place where there is something for everyone.

Parga, Greece


This island is famed for the volcano here and it is an active one. This is one of the few Aegean islands which has managed to avoid development and maintained an authenticity about it which has made it a favorite destination amongst the creatively inclined. There are tonnes of thongs to do here, like walking in the hydrothermal craters of the volcano, exploring the areas between the pristine but quaint homes, enjoy a glass of refreshing iced tea and more.

Don’t miss to Relax your body in the thermal springs over at the municipal baths, visit the Sterna Art Project- a nonprofit exhibition for artists who create works in this island and draw inspiration from its landscapes.

Nisyros, Greece


It is a beautiful island which has a pretty village and is built around a monastery which was dedicated to St. John the Theologian. He is famously believed to have penned down the book of Revelation on that island. Visit during the months of July and August. The International Film Festival of Patmos, as well as the Patmos Religious Music Festival, is held during the same time. But there’s more to do here as just last year sporting events were also added in the summer itinerary as Patmos Revelation. It is a three-day event in which participants take place in running or swimming (open water) races which take place at the end of June.

Don’t miss while here make sure to visit the beautiful beaches like Psili Ammos, Lambi along with the almost uninhibited islands of Arkoi and Marathi.

Patmos, Greece


Wondering about where to visit in Greece? Santorini is a famous cosmopolitan island now but if you want to know what it was before tourism took over then you can get a taste of the cycladic and volcanic island over on Therasia. This is a very underrated destination which has just 250 residents and as for tourism, it just receives day trippers from Santorini. People here mainly arrive to explore the charming settlements and serene churches here. But there are also well paved out hiking routes which offer amazing panoramic views. These hiking routes pass between dry stone terraces built centuries ago. Therasia is the place people go to when they seek solitude away from the crowd.

Don’t miss to Go to the Perivolas Hideaway, which is a boutique guesthouse, check out the chapels and villages which dot this island.

Therasia, Greece