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Naxos, Greece

One of the top places to visit in Greece, Naxos is the biggest and the greenest island sitting on the floors of Greece. Nothing less than heaven on earth for all the nature lovers, Naxos is a land of highest mountains, velvety valleys, lush green gorges, ancient villages, and the most stunning seascapes one has ever seen. The stone-paved valleys and the gorgeous architecture of the Cycladic and Medieval architecture is simply the stunning addition to this already charming spot.

Don’t miss to Exploring the Archeological Museum housed in the Venetian Period. Witness the varied landscapes of the various routes such as Skado-Apollonas. Also. climb the top of Zas Mountain and stroll around the traditional villages. Be a part of various cultural events that take place in Naxos along with witnessing the impressive marble gate at the entrance.

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