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Mix Cruise Mount Athos & Blue Lagoon Tour

Mix Cruise Mount Athos & Blue Lagoon Tour Packages
Country: Greece
City: Chalkidiki
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Cruise Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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The program begins with a transfer by bus, to Ormos Panagias, situated in the North-Eastern part of the Sithonia Peninsula. From this seaport, we will go on with our journey, sailing towards the port of Daohne, in the middle of Athos Peninsula, from where we can see the highest peak of the mountain, which is 2.033m high.

From there we shall sail North, along the western coast. You will be able to see from a close distance (from the boat), the mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of orthodoxy and you will find out new information, through the speaker, about the history of Mount Athos and 4 of its monasteries. After approximately 45 min. we will stop at the beach of Drenia Islands, there you'll have time for a bit of sunbath, swimming, and lunch.

The cruise offers you unique moments and relaxation, often accompanied by seagulls and dolphins listening to the charming, live greek music (bouzouki). Don't forget to take your cameras, because it's going to be a day you will never forget.

Pickups from Thessaloniki & Chalkidiki


Transfer, Escort, Cruise Ticket, Lunch & 1 glass of wine or juice


Every Monday & Thursday from May to September

Explore More About Mount Athos:

An Orthodox spiritual center since 1054, Mount Athos has enjoyed an autonomous statute since Byzantine times. The 'Holy Mountain', which is forbidden to women and children, is also a recognized artistic site. The layout of the monasteries (about 20 of which are presently inhabited by some 1,400 monks) had an influence as far afield as Russia, and its school of painting influenced the history of Orthodox art.

Cloaked by beautiful chestnut and other types of Mediterranean forest, the steep slopes of Mount Athos are punctuated by twenty imposing monasteries and their subsidiary establishments. Covering an area of just over 33,000 hectares, the property includes the entire narrow rocky strip of the easternmost of the three peninsulas of Chalcidice which jut into the Aegean Sea in northern Greece.

Daily visitors to Mount Athos are restricted to 100 lay Orthodox and 10 non-Orthodox pilgrims, and all are required to obtain a special entrance permit from the Mount Athos Pilgrims' Bureau, valid for three days unless a monastery requests permission to extend it; Orthodox clergy are required to obtain a special entrance permit from the patriarchate of Constantinople.

Only men are permitted to visit the territory, which is called the "Garden of Virgin Mary" by the monks. Residents on the peninsula must be men aged 18 and over who are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church and also either monks or workers.

Females are forbidden including domestic animals, the only exception being cats for their mousing abilities. The main goal is to ensure celibacy, but also because the Virgin Mary alone represents her sex on Mount Athos, which is dedicated to her glory.

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